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arctic combat failed
Arctic Combat fans wailed when it was recently announced that the MMOFPS game was closing down for good on September 2 -- not even making it to a year after releasing last December. Developed and published by the South Korean-based Webzen, Arctic Combat had solid potential, at least to its loyalists who praised its pick-up-and-play convenience and good combat balance.  What it had going for it New players could easily grasp the shoote...
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Aug 18 2013
arctic combat begins shutdown
Over the weekend, Arctic Combat began what will be a month-long process of closing the free mmofps game for good. Arctic Combat's gradual shutdown began on August 2, 2013 (GST 00:00) with the closing of its Item Shop, Download Page and 1:1 Inquiry Service. This effectively stops new players for flowing into the game, and also ends the sale of microtransaction items. Additional features and systems should come offline in the next weeks leading u...
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Aug 06 2013
arctic combat alien pvp mode
Aliens are out to infect and annihilate humans in Arctic Combat's freshly added Alien PvP mode. The new mode, which takes place on the shivering White Out map, begins with all players still retaining their human form. But during the match, players randomly become infected and turn into vicious Alien Hosts that must infect the remaining humans to achieve victory. Should one human survive or all the aliens killed, then the human side wins. In Ali...
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Jul 03 2013
arctic combat 4 player coop mode
For its first major update, the fps mmo will receive a thrilling 4-player co-op mode with scaling difficulties and diverse rewards. Arctic Combat players can team up with three other shooters – from MMOFPS pros to newbie casuals – and take on missions that promise challenging tactical content. Developer Webzen has published a trailer that pumps us up for the new mode arriving next week on April 18:In the video above Webzen sets the tone for...
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Apr 10 2013
arctic combat open beta
Mark the date: the free mmofps game goes into open beta December 6 in both Europe and America. On the same day of the open beta launch, Arctic Combat will also become available for download via the Steam portal either via the Steam Starter Pack or Steam Ultimate Pack options. Arctic Combat developer WEBZEN plans to roll out two new maps – Silo and Quarter Blow – as well as a cache of new weapons in time for the open beta. MMO gladiators can als...
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Dec 05 2012
arctic combat second closed beta
October 10 marks the start of Arctic Combat’s second closed beta where it will reveal two new maps and hold a grueling qualification tournament. Fans of this tactical mmo fps game can redeem their beta keys at the official Arctic Combat website The second beta promises a heart-pumping challenge as the best shooters in North America and Europe vie for qualification spots. Each region’s winning team will compete against the winners...
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Oct 10 2012