Arctic Combat 2nd beta key giveaway

arctic combat 2nd beta key giveaway

arctic combat 2nd beta key giveaway

MMO Play teamed up with Webzen to give you access to the the 2nd closed beta testing of the mmofps Arctic Combat. Players will also be able to participate in the NA/EU Qualification Tournament to earn a chance to advance to the Veterans League World Championship held in South Korea.

Arctic Combat closed beta test period:

October 10th, 18:00, 2012 (PDT) ~ October 22nd, 01:00, 2012 (PDT)
October 11st, 02:00, 2012 (GMT) ~ October 22nd, 09:00, 2012 (GMT)

How to Redeem Your Beta Key

1. Visit Beta Key Promotion page here.

2. Login in to, redeem your Beta Key on the Beta Key Promotion page and enter your beta key number, then click “Enlist”.
** If you are new to, please create a new account.

3. Wait until your input beta key is verified, then go to the AC Main Page.

5. Click ‘Game Start’ and enter the battlegrounds of Arctic Combat!

Get your beta keys by filling in the form below with your MMO-Play username and password. If you don't have an MMO Play account, just register.

Giveway is expired.

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