APB spinoff, Vendetta, spends April in Kickstarter crowdfunding mode

By Michael Jamias
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APB Vendetta, the shoot-and-slash spinoff to APB Reloaded, seeks $300,000 by the end of the month to finance its development.

Unlike APB Reloaded, which is an MMOFPS, APB Vendetta will be a shoot-and-slash FPS for the PC with fighting-game inspired characters and mod-friendly server tools, according to its Kickstarter page.

But APB Vendetta will share some similar elements and synergies with the free to play mmo.

For instance, APB Vendetta is inspired from the same universe as APB Reloaded. Several popular characters from the MMO are set to make an appearance in APB Vendetta as playable characters with special moves and abilities. Weapons will also have a comparable variety and importance in APB Vendetta as it is in fps mmo.

APB Reloaded players who are on a premium account status can share that status with APB Vendetta, essentially making the premium subscription apply to both for the price of one. APB Vendetta will be pay to play, unlike APB Reloaded which is free to play.

The initial seed money will be able to transition the new game from a prototype into a live version. Meeting the additional stretch goals of $750,000 and $1 million will allow the developer Reloaded Productions to pile on a character export-tool expansion and modding tool UI system as bonuses.


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