APB goes mobile with APB Retribution

By Tam Mageean
apb retribution

One of the most community driven MMOFPS games of recent times, APB is on the move with a brand new mobile MMO, APB Retribution.

APB, much like the acclaimed Grand Theft Auto Online series is all about getting together and causing some organized mischief, from gang warfare, to elaborate heists in a dynamic, free-to-play MMO setting. Much like the GTA originals, APB retribution is set to be a top-down shooter, giving APB an awesome taste of retro.

True to their gangster game's pedigree, Gamersfirst and Reloaded Productions have gone "no-comment" and have been playing their cards close to their chests; releasing a silent, preliminary trailer that gives very little away. One thing that's for sure, is that it's looking fantastic. Set in the same grimy, sordid underworld of APB: Reloaded, the textures and sprites are crisp, and the gang uniforms and influence cones emanating out of players hint at the game being multiplayer, like its other Reloaded Productions cousins, but sadly, nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

The mobile port apparently only took 6 months to make, and has a spin-off in the making, although, again, no comment has been made as to what we should expect. Since it takes place in the Reloaded continuity, could it someday, in some way, synchronize with the main game? Let's hope so!

APB Retribution will be available for iOS devices, later this month.


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