APB Reloaded cranks out cool mods in Version 14 update

By Michael Jamias
apb reloaded version 14

Detonate cars remotely or escape radar detection using the slick new mods in APB Reloaded's Version 14 update.

The free to play mmo is introducing five mods that will help you survive longer in the game's notoriously dangerous urban fights.

There's the Radar tower car mod which highlights enemies on your radar screen whenever they pass near your vehicle, helping you create counter maneuvers. As a natural counter to radar users, the Muffler car mod keeps your vehicle off radar while you coast, helping you surprise enemies with a sneak attack or escape undetected.

If you like blowing up stuff, then plug in the Remote Detonator car mod and watch your enemies in the fps mmo go kaboom!

Two new weapons also open up additional combat tactics. Use the Blowtorch weapon to either heal damage done to your vehicle or singe enemies till they're burnt metal. The popular Flare gun weapon has also jumped the fence from exclusive Joker Distribution to now being available via progression.

Version 14 not only brings on new toys for you to play with. It also piles on the content -- 20 more levels worth, in fact. Just approach the two new contacts, Aletta Cadagan (Judge, jury, executioner for the Praetorians) and Gumball (gutter hustler, for the G-Kings) both located in the Financial District to take on even more high-level content.

For those with cash to spare, consider grabbing the new purchasable bundle via the APB Marketplace and new downloadable packs exclusive to the Steam network. The bundle comes with a cool rocker outfit, TAS20 shotgun, and Vegas G20 'Rhino' Muscle car and body kit.

Steam users can also purchase two exclusive new bundles: The New Blood Pack ($9), a nice starter kit to get beginners up and running in APB Reloaded with its 14 days each of Premium, CT44 handgun and NFAS shotgun. There's also the premium Key to the City Pack ($99), described by developers as the ultimate collection of permanent cars, guns, gear, designs, and emotes.


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