APB Reloaded unloads a holiday gift barrage

By Michael Jamias
apb reloaded holiday gift

APB Reloaded goes trigger-happy with the freebies starting December 12 with free festive weapon skins, titles and clothing when completing new missions.

Fun and whimsy will hit the MMOFPS through weapon skins including a modified snowball grenade launcher, while shooters can engage in urban warfare decked out in Santa Hats and Elfin green garb.

Speaking of Elves, the APB team has recalled Santa’s helpers from last year’s event and this time around they’ll serve as important Contacts.

APB completes the Christmas come-ons with a 12 Days of Gift-mas event beginning December 13 where players who purchase from the ARMAS Marketplace will receive a bonus Credit Counter gift, each different depending on the day. The Credit Counter is a newly launched loyalty reward system for cash shop patrons who spend their G1 credits.

It’s been a pretty good December for APB fans, starting the month with free gifts as the mmorpg shooter celebrated its 1st year anniversary, and now continuing with the Christmas extras. For those late on the news, the anniversary gifts can no longer be claimed, but powerful ATAC 424 NCFP 3 weapons capable of decimating targets should still be on sale.


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