APB confronts GTAV launch

By Tam Mageean
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While Grand Theft Auto was away, APB came out to play. APB reloaded reigned terror on the genre, providing a free to play, open world, drivey, shooty MMO masterpiece. It provided a lot of the things that GTA's multi-player lacked, and truly capitalized in the GTA lull.

It came as no surprise to anyone, even the guys at Reloaded Games, that a big chunk of player-base would be heading towards GTAV upon launch. The APB dev blog has squared up this week, saying it's shaken, but not stirred, and they have big plans for improving their game and reclaiming some turf.

"First let me get this out of the way; we think GTA V is a very good game." said Bjorn Book-Larsson, Developer at Reloaded, but that was about as complementary as they got, as the calmly and objectively broke down the statistics; and what they found was actually a lot less damage than they'd expected. It turns out the MMOFPS only took as big a hit as any other game, despite it's similarities with GTA, and the developers proudly put it down to their more hardcore game style, and hardcore gaming fans, who much prefer the skill and challenge that runs throughout APB Reloaded, stating that, "APB is far more skill and map knowledge based, and far less 'arcad-y' and 'aim-assist-y' than GTA". Tough words for the Rockstar giant to swallow, but it can't deny them.

"...we also started seeing players returning to APB, which has helped us breathe a little bit easier this week"

They acknowledge that GTA is much bigger and shinier, and hope to stay competitive by boosting up their engine with an update shortly. Talks of server improvements, netcode, "next gen options" and upcoming events are all on the table at their HQ, and they're loading up to reclaim the streets, pulling no punches.

APB Multi Player

Larsson also hinted at publishing a critique on GTA's flawed in-game currency system, showing they're fully prepared to go toe-to-toe with the triple-A titan.


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