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apb reloaded xbox one launch
Xbox Live Gold members will get more bang for their subscription buck with the addition of APB Reloaded as a free to download and free to play mmo in their games library. APB Reloaded for Xbox One kicks off with a Founders Pack giveaway which players can get when they log into during the first 30 days after the version release. After that, the explosive pack -- and we mean that literally -- will need to be purchased.Early birds will be able ...
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Jun 03 2016
apb engine upgrades before after
In this month's mmo community update, APB developers unveiled images that show the big leaps in visual quality following the engine upgrades rolled out throughout the year. Players have largely noticed the APB Reloaded engine upgrades inside the game, but the difference is quite stark when comparing the before and after photos. The comparison below taken in the social district shows that the engine upgrade has made the colors pop more and incre...
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Nov 16 2015
APB: Reloaded coming to consoles
When we were kids, we loved playing cops and robbers. Now that we're older, we can enjoy the same escape from reality in the online world of APB: Reloaded. Whether you want to be a hardened criminal or a hardcore law enforcement officer, the action is thick and heavy in this mmofps. While millions of PC users have logged into the game since it relaunched, it now appears that the player base is going to expand once again. Gamers will be happy to h...
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Jan 22 2015
apb 12 days giftmas festivus
Ah, can you smell that whiff of generosity? It's coming from the APB Reloaded Twelve Days of Giftmas, a nearly two-week event where players get a special in-game Christmas present daily until December 23 after racking up 10 unique kills.These are not really gifts in the strictest sense of them being free, but fans of the fps mmo should have no problem reaching the 10 unique kills requirement. APB developers sweeten the deal by promising ...
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Dec 13 2014
apb update 1 18 team leaders
Team leaders hold a pretty influential role in APB: Reloaded and developers seek to curtail their power tripping tendencies in the 1.18 update.APB team leaders will only be able to kick other players who have earned a demerit, providing more justifiable guidelines for team eviction. It also lessens the chances of a team leader of picking on an MMO teammate for no reason at all. But to balance out the power scale, players of the MMOFPS will n...
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Oct 18 2014
apb reloaded open conflict fairfight
You know it's serious when MMO developers begin trademarking their features. Take for example the APB Reloaded FairFight anti-cheat technology that was just released to the live servers in the hopes of drastically reducing cheating incidences. FairFight actively monitors teams for mischievous activity, and brings over the same level of cheating safeguards as those used in other big-name shooter games like Titanfall and Battlefield 4. FairFi...
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Jul 30 2014
apb retribution
One of the most community driven MMOFPS games of recent times, APB is on the move with a brand new mobile MMO, APB Retribution. APB, much like the acclaimed Grand Theft Auto Online series is all about getting together and causing some organized mischief, from gang warfare, to elaborate heists in a dynamic, free-to-play MMO setting. Much like the GTA originals, APB retribution is set to be a top-down shooter, giving APB an awesome taste of retro....
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Dec 05 2013
apb reloaded version 14
Detonate cars remotely or escape radar detection using the slick new mods in APB Reloaded's Version 14 update. The free to play mmo is introducing five mods that will help you survive longer in the game's notoriously dangerous urban fights. There's the Radar tower car mod which highlights enemies on your radar screen whenever they pass near your vehicle, helping you create counter maneuvers. As a natural counter to radar users, the Muffler car ...
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Nov 25 2013
apb gtav
While Grand Theft Auto was away, APB came out to play. APB reloaded reigned terror on the genre, providing a free to play, open world, drivey, shooty MMO masterpiece. It provided a lot of the things that GTA's multi-player lacked, and truly capitalized in the GTA lull. It came as no surprise to anyone, even the guys at Reloaded Games, that a big chunk of player-base would be heading towards GTAV upon launch. The APB dev blog has squared up this ...
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Oct 18 2013
apb vendetta kickstarter
APB Vendetta, the shoot-and-slash spinoff to APB Reloaded, seeks $300,000 by the end of the month to finance its development. Unlike APB Reloaded, which is an MMOFPS, APB Vendetta will be a shoot-and-slash FPS for the PC with fighting-game inspired characters and mod-friendly server tools, according to its Kickstarter page. But APB Vendetta will share some similar elements and synergies with the free to play mmo. For instance, APB Vendetta is ...
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Apr 01 2013