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  • APB: First blood

    APB: First blood
    Our hero, MMOPlay, gets his first kill on an unsuspecting criminal....
    APB: First blood

    APB: character

    APB: character
    There are many customization options. MMOPlay needed long beard. And he has to be a member of the CSA and defend the city....
    APB: character

    APB: mission

    APB: mission
    Here is MMOPlay finishing a mission objective. We're not stealing the cars. Honest....
    APB: mission

    APB: graphics

    APB: graphics
    You can be entertained with graphics, tips, and sound effects that reminds me of Dubstep while loading zones....
    APB: graphics

APB - Gameplay

APB - Gameplay

APB: Reloaded is a third-person shooter MMO that allows players to control either a Criminal or Enforcer. APB: Reloaded is based in San Paro, a fictional city plagued by crime, a new government incentive allows regular civilians to equip weapons and become vigilante type cops, Enforcers. APB: Reloaded was originally released as a premium MMO game by RealTime Worlds but was purchased for $1.5 million after RealTime worlds went into administration, the game is now available as a free to play title under popular publishers, GamersFirst.

APB: Reloaded includes a huge array of exciting features, but the most exciting aspect of the game is the in-depth customization. When players create their character, they must first select one of the two factions, Criminals or Enforcers. Each side has access to certain weapons and vehicles, and can also perform different actions and abilities in the game. Criminals are able to mug civilians on the street, or even rob stores by ramming a vehicle into the front window and storing the goods in their van. The character customization in APB: Reloaded is arguably the greatest ever seen in an MMO game. Players can edit every single aspect of their character, from facial features to body type.

The customization doesn't stop there, once players get into the game itself, a large number of other options become available. Players can create their own theme tune, that is played when they kill an opposition player, they can also create their own logos for clothes or tattoos. APB: Reloaded features one of the most creative communities on the internet, during my personal time playing I saw a group of players dressed up just like The Ghostbusters attacking The A-Team, all complete with the Ghostbusters vehicle and A-Team van. Further customization options include a personal graffiti tag, car designs, and character equipment. There's no other game that offers such thorough customization options.

After you've designed your perfect character and vehicle, APB: Reloaded offers intense PvP action. Featuring 2 distinct districts, both of which offer players different surroundings to fight in. APB: Reloaded is definitely one of the best games in the FPS MMO category and now that it's free to play, there's never been a better time to take it to the streets of San Paro.

By Rachel Rosen


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