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  • Angle of Attack: setup

    Angle of Attack: setup
    When starting a new game, pick the options you want for your craft. This can be saved in your loadout....
    Angle of Attack: setup

    Angle of Attack: allies

    Angle of Attack: allies
    Keep an eye on your allies. Their status bars appear in the top left of the screen....
    Angle of Attack: allies

    Angle of Attack: targets

    Angle of Attack: targets
    Hold enter to shoot at enemies. Aiming is hard since you have to come to a complete stop to change elevations....
    Angle of Attack: targets

    Angle of Attack: death

    Angle of Attack: death
    You have limited hp. If your ship's hull is broken you will crash and fail the mission....
    Angle of Attack: death

Angle of Attack Gameplay

Angle of Attack Gameplay

Angle of Attack is a flight simulation and MMO shooter game from 3000AD, the developer and publisher behind the long-running Battlecruiser, Universal Combat and All Aspect Warfare franchises. Angle of Attack is set in the fantasy universe where the Terrans are fighting a protracted conflict with the Gammulan race, and you have been commanded by the Terran Galactic Command to launch a crippling attack on the Gammulan home worlds to clinch a decisive victory in the war. Harnessing the flight simulation technology used in its cousin games, Angle of Attack aims for realistic graphics and mostly hits it home, particularly in the way it renders the 3D airplanes and environment effects. Pilots will be treated to graphics changes based on the particular weather and time-of-day the flight takes place.

There are 16 mission scenarios in Angle of Attack. Your main goal for most of these missions is to neutralize air and land targets through the tactical deployment of missiles and bombs, respectively. You can choose from a handful of aircraft models with varying specs and flight controls. The single-player scenarios offer quite a challenge for even the most experienced mmofps players. Veterans of the genre will also appreciate the level of detail put into the 3D cockpits and weapon systems, which set them apart from those in other games. Angle of Attack also demands a high level of flying skill from its pilots, which should be a breath of fresh air for those who are sick and tired of flashy but ultimately shallow flight shooters. Enemy AI is also very competent and has the skill to strike you down either through their well-calculated tactics or through sheer force of numbers. For newcomers who feel intimidated taking on this game, there is a comprehensive in-game manual and tutorial that will set you up for success.

Angle of Attack is far from perfect though. Unlike most simulation MMOFPS titles, it has no mission editor which limits the playable content to what comes with the box purchase. But a great consolation here is the extensive multiplayer support for the game. Players can connect online and organize team-based or free-for-all fights. There is even a cooperative mode where you can tag-team the existing scenarios. These co-op exercises can function as a team practice for the more grueling PvP matches, or just enjoyed as a fun run. Angle of Attack offers a full demo version as a free download.

By Rachel Rosen

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