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  • America's Army: Teamplay

    America's Army: Teamplay
    Here we see different squads and customization options....
    America's Army: Teamplay

    America's Army: Deployment

    America's Army: Deployment
    Once deployed squads split up and stick together for strategic gains....
    America's Army: Deployment

    America's Army: The Darkness

    America's Army: The Darkness
    The darkness is not your enemy, use it and you may live....
    America's Army: The Darkness

    America's Army: Purpose

    America's Army: Purpose
    This truly represents what our forces do and how careful we must be, we must kill....
    America's Army: Purpose

Americas Army Gameplay

Americas Army Gameplay

America’s Army 3 (AA3) is the official military action mmo fps, developed and published by the US Army. It runs on Unreal Engine 3 and it’s free to play. America’s Army recreates an authentic army training experience and it’s said to be one of the most realistic army games ever made. It features both single player missions and multiplayer modes. The official release was in 2002 and since then, America’s Army was updated and new content was added. Producing an extremely realistic game that still provides good fun was a real challenge for the developers. Although it walks this thin thread, America’s Army managed to maintain a loyal playerbase over the years and to get new players as well.

America’s Army players will step into the shoes of an American soldier that just started army training. There are 4 choices for military development. Riflemen are brave and courageous soldiers. Each rifleman is a standing pillar for the infantry. They can be tasked with solo missions but know how to work as a team as well. A rifleman’s main weapon is the highly customizable M16A4 MWS. The Automatic Rifleman always carries the heavy M249 SAW. Armed with this weapon, the automatic rifleman is capable of doing massive damage. The automatic rifleman class sacrifices speed for fire power. No team would be complete without a Grenadier. He uses the M320 grenade launcher to blast objectives and enemies from distance. The Squad Designated Marksman or SDM is also a ranged class. He is a real team player and unlike the sniper, the SDM never works alone. The M16A4 DMR weapon allows him to achieve great ranged damage. The weapons used in America’s Army contribute to the realistic effect. Players can also use frag, stun and smoke grenades.

America’s Army NPCs are more than quest givers or trainers. Each one has a background story that can be read on the official America’s Army website. Players will come in contact with Real Heroes while playing America’s Army. These are soldiers who put the Seven Army Values above everything else. Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage are the guiding principles of Real Heroes. America’s Army has 7 missions, each with multiple primary and secondary objectives. Players must take down their enemies but, at the same time, they must be careful not to harm civilians or cause unnecessary damage to local buildings. Maps have different themes from urban scenery to country side locations. America’s Army is not really an mmo but it supports multiplayer. Dedicated America’s Army players can join the volunteer staff to share knowledge and offer their support to other players

By Rachel Rosen


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