Alliance of Valiant Arms e-Sports championship on November 1-3

By Michael Jamias
alliance of valiant arms esports championship

Alliance of Valiant Arms treks to Romania early next month for its culminating eSports final.

MMOFPS competitors from all over the world will convege in the Romanian capital of Bucharest to compete in the 2013 International e-Sports Federation championship. To be held as a 3-day nailbiter from November 1-3, the championship will see the world's best Alliance of Valiant Arms squads at each other's throats until only one remains standing and walks away with the $9,300 grand prize.

You can catch all the action through a planned livestream broadcast. Details and links though will be posted at a later date on the official Alliance of Valiant Arms website, so be sure to check back often. Qualifying matches have also been uploaded on YouTube. Watch the vids to pick up a few savvy tactics for your team to use, or just to pick a favorite to root for come the MMO shooter finals.

For those who failed to make it past the elimination rounds, it's never too early to start prepping for the next big tournaments. The Clan Championship system is now live, and it offers the first officially organized clan ranking system in the game. Use it to practice your team tactics and duel teams of your same or better caliber -- and just maybe you'll soon find yourself duking it out with the top eSports pros.


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