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alliance of valiant arms open beta start
Alliance of Valiant Arms is locked and loaded for its open beta, which has just gone live. Developers wanted to make the Alliance of Valiant Arms open beta a lot more enticing, especially to previous closed beta players that might have seen and done it all already so they unleashed a jam-packed update.The update features the new AVA Sports mode, which is a non-lethal competition that lets players test their skills in a safe and athletic envi...
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Aug 26 2016
Why we love the Alliance of Valiant Arms Lastman Standing mode
Most gamers are an extremely competitive lot, especially those that play mmofps games. Most chat channels are filled with endless taunts as players continually bag on one another, each proclaiming their superiority. It seems to be part of the human psyche to see who can claw, bite, and scratch their way up to becoming the undisputed King of the Hill. Now Alliance of Valiance Arms players can answer that question of who is top dog with the game's ...
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Aug 30 2015
alliance of valiant arms lastman standing mode
Only one will remain in Alliance of Valiant Arms with the release of the Lastman Standing mode. The mode's name makes the objective clear: Be the final surviving mmo gunner. But the paths towards victory are not as clear-cut as players can battle, buddy up or betray each other. From the looks of the trailer for the Alliance of Valiant Arms Lastman Standing mode, players will need far more than good aim to clinch the crown and reap the special r...
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Aug 12 2015
alliance of valiant arms esports championship
Alliance of Valiant Arms treks to Romania early next month for its culminating eSports final. MMOFPS competitors from all over the world will convege in the Romanian capital of Bucharest to compete in the 2013 International e-Sports Federation championship. To be held as a 3-day nailbiter from November 1-3, the championship will see the world's best Alliance of Valiant Arms squads at each other's throats until only one remains standing and walks...
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Oct 11 2013