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  • Alliance of Valiant Arms: customize

    Alliance of Valiant Arms: customize
    AVA is definitely not an RPG. There are no classes and very limited customization in this shooter....
    Alliance of Valiant Arms: customize

    Alliance of Valiant Arms: missions

    Alliance of Valiant Arms: missions
    Players complete missions to unlock weapons, currency, and other bonuses....
    Alliance of Valiant Arms: missions

    Alliance of Valiant Arms: store

    Alliance of Valiant Arms: store
    AVA is a free to play game with various kinds of microtransactions including a psuedo gambling system called the capsule....
    Alliance of Valiant Arms: store

    Alliance of Valiant Arms: combat

    Alliance of Valiant Arms: combat
    AVA is a first person shooter with multiple game modes including most of the traditional formats like team death match....
    Alliance of Valiant Arms: combat

Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) Gameplay - HD

Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) Gameplay - HD

Alliance of Valiant Arms Gameplay

Alliance of Valiant Arms Gameplay

Alliance of Valiant Arms is a free-to-play online shooter from Red Duck Inc. This military MMOFPS is set in an alternate 2012 when a continent-wide war has erupted in Europe between EU countries and Neo Russian Federation. Players can choose to side with the EU forces or ally with the NRF forces to complete mission objectives and shoot down the enemy team. There are only three class archetypes in Alliance of Valiant Arms – a bit fewer than the roles in most MMO shooter titles – which include point man, rifle man or sniper. The point man is a master of close-range combat, highly mobile and wields a sub-machine gun. The rifle man is an all-around soldier with a solid defense and flexible strategies. The sniper, meanwhile, likes to fight at ranged distance but can use secondary weapons in a pinch when the enemy gets too close. For balance, both the EU and NRF factions have equivalent units falling under these three archetypes.

Despite the seeming lack of variety in roles, Alliance of Valiant Arms offers quite an intricate combat system. Players need extensive practice in order to master each of the roles, and will often be surprised at new combat abilities and maneuvers they can perform. There is also great diversity in its available game modes, which rack up to nine different ones. These include everything from annihilation death matches, to escort and convoy missions, to all-out free-for-alls. Because of this, players will need to get familiar with all three roles since each game mode might require a different team composition, such as having more snipers due to the height advantage spots on the map. By using the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 3, Alliance of Valiant Arms measures up to other mmofps titles in graphics quality. This is most evident in the breathtaking map locales from a windmill complex in Netherlands to the humid outskirts of South Africa to an art gallery in the Netherlands. Maps are filled environment obstacles and routes that will give players multiple options on how to position their team and neutralize the opposing threat.

Alliance of Valiant Arms rewards players who perform well with campaign ribbons, badges and medals that signify a certain achievement in combat, such as chaining multiple headshots (headshot badge) or the top grade victory medal for racking up 1,000 victories for your team. Players also gain experience rank represented by levels, from the lowly trainee up through the sergeant and lieutenant, to the peak colonel level. While many achievements focus on individual performance, the most prestigious ones require you to become part of a solid clan and squad, so pick your team mates wisely.

By Rachel Rosen


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