Ace of Spades launch trailer is an explosive hoot

By Michael Jamias
ace of spades launch trailer

Watch Lego-like soldiers assault enemies with rockets, rifles, machine guns and even a good ol’ mining spade in the newly launched mmo shooter Ace of Spades trailer.

Available to download now via Steam for $9.99, Ace of Spades is a rollicking free to play mmo shooter that combines map destruction with team shooter mechanics. Players can assume four combat class– exploration and digging expert, the Miner, kaboom specialist, the Rocketeer, headshot assassin, the Marksman, and the rugged Rambo, the Commando.

The launch video shows off the skills of each class. The Miner, for example, can dig through the ground and provide sneaky routes for his teammates to use and gank enemies. Meanwhile, the Sniper can punish exposed targets with well-executed headshots. Each class brings something to the battlefield, and it will be basically up to teams to figure out how to use their abilities to clinch objectives.

Ace of Spades teams will attempt to build a bunker, dig a foxhole and annihilate the entire enemy team – all depending on the game mode, which so far includes Deathmatch, Multi-hill, Diamond mine and Demolition.

While not a totally free fps mmo, Ace of Spades requires only a one-time purchase and requires no monthly subscriptions.


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