Ace of Spades launches Battle Builder pack

By Michael Jamias
ace of spades battle builder

The Battle Builder pack lets you and 23 of your pals make a custom Ace of Spades map.

There's an intriguing variety of co-op possibilities in this newly rolled out map-and-level creator pack.

Ace of Spades creator Jagex clearly believes two dozen thinking heads are better than one. I can already imagine logging on to brainstorm on a new level, and having 23 extra pair of hands constructing my dream map. It'll be made faster and likely to be grander than I can do by myself.

The catch though: The Ace of Spades: Battle Builder pack will set you back $14.99 and is available to download on Steam.

If the relatively steep cash cost hasn't put you off ("But that's already a month's cost of subscription for my favorite mmorpg or mmofps!"), then you'll be glad to hear that the map-building pack delivers a lot for those bucks.

There are initially nine templates that you can use as a base setting -- from urban to mountain, lunar to grassland -- then you can start sprucing it up with prefab constructs. Or play with the carve and paint commands to really stamp your aesthetic on your constructed map.

The Battle Builder pack even comes bundled with the St. Valentine's Day Massacre DLC, which unlocks the manic Multi-Hill and VIP game modes, so you're essentially getting two paid content patches for the price of one.


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