Ace of Spades News

ace of spades battle builder
The Battle Builder pack lets you and 23 of your pals make a custom Ace of Spades map. There's an intriguing variety of co-op possibilities in this newly rolled out map-and-level creator pack. Ace of Spades creator Jagex clearly believes two dozen thinking heads are better than one. I can already imagine logging on to brainstorm on a new level, and having 23 extra pair of hands constructing my dream map. It'll be made faster and likely to be gra...
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Oct 17 2013
ace of spades steam free play sale
These limited time freebies should entice Steam users to try out Ace of Spades and experience its run-and-gun battlefield pandemonium. The fps mmo will be free to play until Sunday, March 17, at 1PM (PDT). The only requirement to download the game is to have Steam installed. Testers who fall in love with the creative shooter game can then opt to purchase a copy at 50% through the Steam sale, which lasts until Tuesday, March 19. The half-price s...
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Mar 15 2013
ace of spades launch trailer
Watch Lego-like soldiers assault enemies with rockets, rifles, machine guns and even a good ol’ mining spade in the newly launched mmo shooter Ace of Spades trailer.Available to download now via Steam for $9.99, Ace of Spades is a rollicking free to play mmo shooter that combines map destruction with team shooter mechanics. Players can assume four combat class– exploration and digging expert, the Miner, kaboom specialist, the Rocketeer, heads...
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Dec 13 2012