Absolute Force Online trailer shows semi-naked shooters wiping a SWAT team

By Michael Jamias
absolute force online trailer closed beta

Realistic? Not quite. But Absolute Force Online is determined to make fans feel as though their shooting skills will be more than a match for pros.

In this three-minute trailer for  TQ Digital’s upcoming fps mmo, a tactical SWAT team infiltrates a warehouse only to find themselves slaughtered by a cigar-lighting Rambo and his cowboy sniper gal pal.

Absolute Force Online is built on the Unreal Engine 3 and will offer full-motion video effects as well as a boatload of customizable weapons, fast-paced shooting and close combat, and a Vehicle mode that we think would have been a sweet addition to the video.

Like other shooter mmorpg games, Absolute Force Online will have multiplayer modes like the classic deathmatch and capture-the-flag with two competing team factions – the Fallen Angels and the Justice Hand.

The typical mmofps battle will be decided through a mix of team tactics, weapon choice and use, and pre-battle character stats. During combat, FPS fans can conveniently switch between first person and third person perspectives.

As shown in the video, Absolute Force Online is scheduled to hold its closed beta sometime this November.


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