Absolute Force Online gets its final orders

By Tam Mageean
absolute force online shutting down

News has traveled through the community that a certain MMOFPS will be receiving an unwanted birthday present this year. Netdragon have contacted their player-base to inform them that Absolute Force Online is shutting down at the end of next month.

Absolute Force Online only went live last year and initially showed promise as a well-polished first and third person MMO. Unfortunately, due to a severe lack of support and scandals surrounding corrupt GM's on the servers, the players slowly dwindled and returned to the big 3; Planetside 2, CounterStrike and Team Fortress 2.

To survive in the competitive MMOFPS field these days, regular content updates and challenges are needed to keep your players engaged, since the competitors are already so well-versed and offer so much. If Absolute Force Online had only delivered more to its fans, even something as simple as a monthly event, it could have surely gathered the numbers to sustain itself.

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A full server shut-down is scheduled for November 29th; only 54 weeks after the game's launch. Players will be able to spend or exchange any remaining AFO points they have up until November 11th, but no more will be available for purchase.

Your remaining AFO points can be exchanged in either of TQ Digital's other flagship games; Eudemons Online or Conquer Online if you apply via their customer service email by the cut off date.

With that, we give AFO its 21 gun salute. We'll see you all on PlanetSide.


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