Absolute Force Online unveils battlefield and game modes

By Michael Jamias
absolute force online battlefield game modes

Learn the exciting modes confirmed for the upcoming fps mmo.

Absolute Force Online, which is currently in closed beta, will have two battlefield modes. The first is Classic Battlefield where players can only use the first person view, while the second is Exclusive Hero Battlefield where fps fans have the flexibility to switch from first to third person view.

“Each player is different so AFO developers want to ensure players get what they want in this mmofps,” said developer Netdragon.

Absolute Force Online also gives new players a fighting chance with the super hero mode, which is a feature that provides a player with stronger abilities after a certain number of deaths. This is balanced by arsenal mode, which provides a bonus weapon to those who can sustain a killing spree.

The soon-to-launch mmo game also delivers a slew of game modes to cater to everyone’s taste. There is the Vehicle Mode, a 5-on-5 helicopter battle with players given access to various types of helicopters equipped with powerful machine guns and explosive missiles.

Other game modes include Bomb Mode, Capture the Flag, Zombie Mode, Team Deathmatch and Squads. More details will be given as the game nears its release, which is slated sometime before 2012 ends, “just in time for the holiday season.”


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