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absolute force online shutting down
News has traveled through the community that a certain MMOFPS will be receiving an unwanted birthday present this year. Netdragon have contacted their player-base to inform them that Absolute Force Online is shutting down at the end of next month. Absolute Force Online only went live last year and initially showed promise as a well-polished first and third person MMO. Unfortunately, due to a severe lack of support and scandals surrounding corrup...
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Oct 26 2013
absolute force online battlefield game modes
Learn the exciting modes confirmed for the upcoming fps mmo. Absolute Force Online, which is currently in closed beta, will have two battlefield modes. The first is Classic Battlefield where players can only use the first person view, while the second is Exclusive Hero Battlefield where fps fans have the flexibility to switch from first to third person view. “Each player is different so AFO developers want to ensure players get what they want i...
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Nov 05 2012
absolute force online trailer closed beta
Realistic? Not quite. But Absolute Force Online is determined to make fans feel as though their shooting skills will be more than a match for pros. In this three-minute trailer for  TQ Digital’s upcoming fps mmo, a tactical SWAT team infiltrates a warehouse only to find themselves slaughtered by a cigar-lighting Rambo and his cowboy sniper gal pal.Absolute Force Online is built on the Unreal Engine 3 and will offer full-motion video eff...
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Oct 30 2012