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  • Absolute Force Online: character

    Absolute Force Online: character
    There are currently 2 'class' options and numerous customization options for looks when creating your character for Absolute Force...
    Absolute Force Online: character

    Absolute Force Online: store

    Absolute Force Online: store
    Head to the in game store to spend in game currency for new items. Equipment is level dependent too, which means that even if you ...
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    Absolute Force Online: zombie

    Absolute Force Online: zombie
    Zombie mode is a survival style death match. One person randomly becomes the zombie in the beginning of the game. Survivors try to...
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    Absolute Force Online: score

    Absolute Force Online: score
    Check out the score screen at the end of a match to see how you did and how much experience you earned. Getting kills in zombie mo...
    Absolute Force Online: score

Absolute Force Online Gameplay

Absolute Force Online Gameplay

Absolute Force Online (AFO) is a new free mmofps developed and published by TQ Digital. Absolute Force Online uses Unreal Engine 3 to create amazing graphic details and animations. There are a few Absolute Force Online features worth mentioning: an original weapon system, real time action and fast paced battles. Absolute Force Online has a Vehicle Mode and that makes combat experience more intense. Absolute Force Online offers a high degree of customization, from personalized avatars and characters to player created backgrounds and different camera perspectives. Players will choose a faction to side with and fight to influence the outcome of a world wide conflict.

Absolute Force Online story begins in 1979 when a group of mercenaries (called Swift) went missing. Years after this incident, a new faction Fallen Angel was formed with the hidden purpose to acquire artifacts from ancient ruins. The leader of this mercenary group was Fox, leader of Swift. This came as a shock, since everyone thought him and his whole squad dead. An opposing force, “Justice Hand” is in charge of stopping Fox and his Fallen Angels. The conflict was soon spread globally. Fallen Angels main goal is to build a perfect fighter using genetic engineering. However, experiments always go wrong and now, results of these failed experiments are roaming the world as zombies. The faith of the world depends on how the war between the Fallen Angels and the Justice Hand will end. Absolute Force Online is a mmofps with a feature called enhanced AVATAR. Almost every physical detail of a Absolute Force Online character can be changed using this feature that has around 40 customization options. The Exclusive Hero Battlefield Mode rewards characters with better stats and boosts abilities. When in combat, Absolute Force Online players can change perspective from first person to third person. This greatly enhances a player's immersion into the battle action.

Multiplayer modes divide Absolute Force Online players into 2 teams: the Fallen Angels and the Justice Hand. Absolute Force Online features classic fps mmo modes like: team deathmatch, capture the flag and bomb mode. There is a mode, zombie mode, where a team of humans fights a team of zombies. The match is won if all zombies are killed. Players can solo fight against each other in deathmatch mode. The fighting techniques can vary depending on the selected weapon. There are 9 Absolute Force Online weapon categories: assault riffles, sniper riffles, shotguns, submachine and machine guns, pistols, thrown, launchers and various melee tools (including a frying pan). Absolute Force Online mmo rewards player progress with ranks and XP. The development team is constantly working on adding more exciting features to enhance Absolute Force Online gameplay.

By Rachel Rosen


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