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Why GameStop Will Fail
Love them or hate them, GameStop is in trouble. On today's episode, The Higgs dives into the murk and comes out with some answers. ...
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The Top 5 Most Moronic Video Game Endings
Not every video game has a decent ending. Today, The Higgs breaks down five of the dumbest, most unsatisfying video game endings of all time....
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Ex Machina Movie Review for Gamers
Today The Higgs covers a movie that's like Jurassic Park with robot breasts. WARNING: MASSIVE SPOILERS & ADULT LANGUAGE WITHIN!!!! ...
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The Top 5 Dad Bods in Video Games
Get jiggly with your man-tits because on today's episode we're counting down the top five dad bods in video games. Grab a box of donuts, let's get flabby. ...
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How WoW Birthed Then Killed MMORPGs
World of Warcraft has had a lot going for it in its more than decade-long history. But did it kill MMORPGs after it was partially responsible for popularizing them? The Higgs levels some serious criticisms toward the MMO juggernaut on today's episode of MMO-Play Dailies....
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