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Top 5 Worst Pieces of Gaming Music
Ready to make your ears bleed? Here are The Higgs' top 5 worst pieces of video game music for your eargasmic entertainment....
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This Week in MMO News w/ Gillyweed - May 23rd, 2015
Join us in this latest episode as Gillyweed gives us the latest on Interloper, Games of Glory, Mortal Online, Age of Conan, Age of Wushu, Neverwinter and more!...
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Mad Max: Fury Road Review for Gamers
Spiked chastity belts? Flaming guitar solos? A one-armed woman who can throw a serious punch? It must be time to review Mad Max: Fury Road for gamers. WARNING: SPOILERS & ADULT LANGUAGE....
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Reddit Gaming Gif Show
Today we unveil the latest addition to MMO-Play Dailies, the Reddit Gaming Gif show. We're highlighting the funniest, most awesome, most insane Gifs we can find for your amusement and dumbification....
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5 Video Game Characters Everyone Wants to Kill
Ya know those gaming character you just can't get enough of? Yeah, this ain't them. Today, The Higgs presents five video game characters so annoying that everyone wants to slaughter them. ...
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