En Masse announces Zombies, Monsters, Robots

By Tam Mageean
zombies monsters robots announced

Fans of Mercenary Ops, can rejoice as their "free to play Gears of War" mmo meets its successor. When Epic Games China became Yingpei Games, back in 2012; great things were expected, and great things were, indeed, delivered, in the form of Mercenary Ops.

Mercenary Ops took everything that was great about Gears of War, including its Unreal 3 Engine infrastructure and out it to work on the free to play battlefield, to see how it fared.

Now after a little over a year, their next free to play mmofps is in the making, and true to Yingpei's form, it's stuffed with nothing but awesome stuff, as indicated by the title.

Ladies and Gentlemen, make way for the newly announced Zombies, Monsters, Robots, Yingpei Games' and En Masse Entertainment's latest venture.

Zombies, Monsters, Robots promo

Zombies, Monsters, Robots is like a grindhouse movie, that's been lovingly splattered all over the Unreal 3 game engine and infested with an army of gruesome and menacing baddies fit for a Paul Verhoeven production.

En Masse are currently looking for players to take part in the early mutations of their upcoming mmo and are even rewarding lucky, successful applicants with a "First Blood Pack" which includes exclusive in-game items and early access onto ZMR's expansive playfield.

If you think that blasting a barrage of dragons, kaiju, mech and the undead is for you, be sure to sign up, right here.



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