World Cyber Games closes the shutters

By Tam Mageean
wcg closes

Last year, we wrote about the 2013 World Cyber Games; one of the finest displays that WCG has ever put on. WCG considered themselves the "Olymipics of Gaming" and flew around the world, hosting a range of different gaming tournaments at a different venue every year. 

From sports fans playing FIFA, to the mmorts crowd blasting thought the StarCraft and Warcraft franchises, the World Cyber Games has put on arguably one of the most diverse arrays of competitive gaming.

It was, without a doubt, still putting out an impressive display for the eSports community, with commentators from all over the world providing live coverage for so many different audiences. Unfortunately, the organizers disagreed, and have considered the last 3 years to be "not very impressive".

Sadly, this week the CEO, Brad Lee, has announced that WCG is shutting down, stating that they won't be organizing an event this year and that they'll be relinquishing the rights to the name (although, according to OnGamers, this is under dispute).

The event has changed, over recent years, and suspicions arose of it's recession as both the gaming categories and the venues, started to aim solely towards the Asian gaming community; they havent hosted an event outside of Asia for over 3 years, and notoriously phased out mmofps, CounterStrike Online, placing the likes of CrossFire and Assault Fire taking its place.

Although WCG closing means there'll no longer be any "Olympic" action, there'll still be plenty of eSports up for grabs; it actually overlapped both DreamHack Winter and IEM Singapore in 2013, so hopefully there'll still be plenty for the pro's during the 2014 off-season.



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