The World Cyber Games kick off in China

By Tam Mageean
wcg china

Dreamhack has just launched over in Sweden and, undeterred, an old eastern classic has decided to gp toe to toe with it. The World Cyber Games 2013 starts today and is putting on a comprehensive array of pro-gaming tournaments across all platforms and genres.

The 4 day extravaganza features pro gamers from a variety of competitive genres; from sports games, such as FIFA14, to fighters with Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012, to our more familiar MMO titles like StarCraft II, World of Tanks and League of Legends.

Known by many as the "eSports Olympics", the World Cyber Games has made its way to Kunshan, China for the second year running, after over a nomadic decade of globetrotting. New to the Games this year is the MMOFPS, Assault Fire; an incredibly popular shooter amongst the Asian and South American gaming communities, that's hoping to appeal to a more global audience with its WCG debut.

Although a lot of the big Western StarCraft II and League of Legends players have headed out to the newer, shinier DreamHack tour, the best of the East are staying true to the original festival, and have turned out in their droves to compete at the event. Western teams including America's Complexity Gaming and Germany's ESC Icybox have appeared in the roll-call too, hoping to sharpen their tools against the arguably tougher, Eastern combatants, and maybe even leave with some trophies too!

The tournaments are all being streamed live, in Russian, Spanish and English online on the World Cyber Games' Twitch channel, so if all the Dreamhack excitement isn't enough for you; tune into WCG TV and see the father of competitive pro-gaming in action.



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