Warlord Saga unveiled as PopPace's Three Kingdoms-inspired MMORPG

By Michael Jamias
warlord saga three kingdoms mmo

PopPace is churning out another 2D MMORPG called Warlord Saga and will take place in the legendary Three Kingdoms period.

Without going too deep into a Chinese history lesson, the Three Kingdoms is a period of great conflict in China where feudal lords and retainers vie for control after the ruling Han Dynasty's fall from power.

All you veterans of strategy rpg games will know this era, while rich in history and juicy material, has been done to death already. But PopPace seem determined to give it a fresh twist by using cutesy visuals.

Let's see if you can resist the adorable anime eyes from this Warlord Saga teaser visual:

Warlord Saga Artwork teaser

They are also expanding the gameplay focus beyond the strategy rpg battles to also include plenty of so-called leisure events.

PopPace said Warlord Saga will mix PvP, role-playing, simulation and social interaction elements. Players will be able to recruit famous heroes and generals to fight for them, and even help them accumulate enough power and influence to ascend to the throne.

Players who can't be bothered to conquer the known world, there are more casual endeavors such as joining World Championship and City Defense activities that provide just enough PvP challenge.



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