WarCaster begins Early Access

By Michael Jamias
warcaster early access

The MMO strategy game set in the fantasy world of Kalderon breaks out the Early Access passes -- and you're invited!

The WarCaster Early Access sign-up is now up on the official homepage, and is meant to prep the game for a smooth and hopefully bug-free release sometime this fourth quarter.

WarCaster, the indie MMO title from Finnish based Helmeni Games, melds the dragon and magic elements that we've become so used to seeing in free browser games, and puts in a slight storyline twist.

See in WarCaster, you get to play as one of the titular WarCasters who have been infused with the magical power to control dragons who have been tasked with keeping the world from falling into complete shambles. What brought about this near-apocalyptic scenario, you'll have to find out in the Early Access, but what developers have revealed are the features available to interested testers.

Players will be able to lord over their own towers, nurse a dragon to full strength, build up whole realms, gather and trade resources, and take on solo missions and team coalition campaigns. There are also mini games and social interactivity thrown in for good measure for all those casuals looking to make WarCaster their home.

WarCaster will release in browser and mobile platforms.



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