War of the Vikings summons an update

By Tam Mageean
war of the vikings update

Great Odin's Beard! War of the Vikings, one of Steam's Early Access RPG games, is receiving an update today that's straight from Valhallah.

The Action RPG is still in its nubile stages, currently presented on Steam's Early Access page, but has decided it's already due an update. The update takes it into its third production phase, with a full release scheduled for the first quarter of 2014. The third phase of War of the Vikings has received its own Norse moniker, earning the title of "BloĆ°orn", meaning "Blood Eagle"; a brutal form of Nordic torture that can only be indicative of the bloody surprises awaiting us in the content update.

War of the Vikings screenshot

All of Paradox's talk of blood and war and torture have not been for nothing, as the new update turns battle sequences into sheer bloodbaths; with characters, weapons and even environments now receiving a crimson make-over with every swing sword or slash of your axe. Once you've demolished your enemies, you will now be able to loot their corpse of goodies; scavenging their weapons and shields. Your new supplies will be needed, and will increase your battle options, as you roam through the new arena map and the re-introduced Monastery Map, for added sacrilege. A bunch of other stuff is on the way too, including new class loadouts, perks and appearances; check out the ParadoxPlaza forums for more info.

War of the Vikings and the Blood Eagle update can be downloaded today; only on Steam Early Access.



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