Universe Rush ignites Kickstarter campaign

By Michael Jamias
universe rush kickstarter campaign

The creators of Universe Rush -- hyped up as an "intense" space strategy MMORPG -- have taken to Kickstarter to raise $100,000 for content creation.

The US- and Ukraine-based indie studio Kercus Holding Inc said they have so far self-funded the sci-fi empire-building rpg.

The current version has a fully-functioning economy, base development system and a core combat system. Players can build a combat fleet and base, engage in galactic warfare with other players, or cooperate with allies by trading resources to help your interstellar economy flourish.

Development priority is for iOS (iPad 2 and higher) and Android (Galaxy Note II and higher) tablets and smartphones. A PC version is in the works.

The additional funding should help polish these existing features, and upgrade the game's visuals and music. Basically, the raised cash will make the strategy title spiffy enough for a global launch.

A minimum $10-$15 pledge is needed to secure an early bird copy, but you can contribute more to get more perks and privileges such as longer subscriptions, beta access and resource booster packs.

Higher pledges, which start at $70, will net you physical goodies like a poster, digital soundtrack, t-shirt, in-game VIP status, Arc-ship miniature figure.

Once you hit the $1,000-$5,000 pledge mark, you can expect some royal treatment. Developers will be asking for your ideas and features for inclusion in the game, create a game character in your likeness, and even allow you to market your business on their homepage.



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