Ultimate Naruto closed beta begins

By Michael Jamias
ultimate naruto closed beta

Now's your chance to see what makes Ultimate Naruto different from all the other Naruto mmorpg games out there.

The Ultimate Naruto closed beta has begun, with sign-ups ongoing on its official website. If there's one thing that developer Bingyou Animation Co. Ltd promises, it's that it will be a free browser mmo and it will be very faithful to the beloved ninja manga and anime series. Skills will be "100% true" to what fans have seen in the Japanese comics, which should please adaptation purists.

In terms of gameplay, you will be able choose from 3 types of ninja based combat style -- there's the physical power-based Taijutsu, the magic force-based Ninjutsu and chakra-based Genjutsu. You can raise and train tailed beasts after completing a series of plot-driven quests. Favorite characters will of course make cameos to aid or impede your progress, which should lend an immersive feel to the game.

A quick look at the official website shows that the web rpg will use a turn-based combat system similar to console games like Suikoden and Etrian Odyssey, wherein characters are lined up in rows and attack sequentially based on their speed.



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