Trion Worlds reveal the first glimpses of Trove

By Tam Mageean
trove announced

Trion Worlds Inc, creators of legendary MMOs Defiance and Rift have finally revealed the first footage of their new Virtual World project.

@TroveGame on twitter has piqued the interest of MMO fans everywhere, following its mysterious appearance, and cryptic tweets over the last 2 days:

13th Nov - "Where will you go?"

14th Nov - "What will you find?"

15th Nov - "What will you build?"

And with that, Trion Worlds has a new game; Trove. A brief 2 minute video of this voxel based MMORPG was launched on the twitter page, along with a livestream url, stating that the Trove Developers will be presenting some Live alpha gameplay footage on their new twitch channel. They have just broadcast it's first chunk of footage, as they rotate between Live Trove, Live Defiance and Live Rift gameplay.

From what has been seen of the game so far, it's a voxel-based virtual world, with a sandbox layout and builder mechanics. Before you all start screaming "That's just Minecraft!/EverQuest Next Landmark!" at the top of your lungs, this iteration hopes to be distinguishable from its crafting cousins, with some cool features and some added rules, that will force some initiative and imagination out of its players, and encourage more objective-based adventuring.

"What if we, sort of, started new world...all of the time" said Andrew Kravsnick of Trion Worlds, "Build, destroy, and do whatever you want in these worlds, and then, once you have defeated it, we're going to roll up a new one that's gonna be a completely new experience."

Keep an eye on the twitch stream, the twitter, and of course, mmo-play for more reveals as they roll in.



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