Tree of Savior gets a 3-minute gameplay trailer

By Michael Jamias
tree of savior gameplay trailer

Tree of Savior bills itself as the true successor to Ragnarok Online, and this gameplay trailer is out to convince us.

The Tree of Savior gameplay trailer, care of Steparu, reveals quite a few things about the upcoming action online rpg.

First is that the game, previously codenamed Project R1, is still deep in development for the Korean market. As such, it should be a long ways off from being ported to Western mmo markets.

But from the early combat scenes, we see that mobs and bosses are very mobile so players will need to position themselves well in order to avoid attacks and also dish out their power combos. Bosses also display a giant health bar on top of the screen, similar to when playing the Diablo series, and they telegraph their attacks to give players just enough split-second warning to move out of the way.

Player classes seem to come from the usual action rpg archetypes of sword-swinging fighters, burst cast mages and long-range archers.

But the most impressive sights in the trailer are probably the background environments, which are crafted in painstaking detail and boast of superb lighting and coloring effects. The variety is also notable, so that in the roughly three-minute video we got to see more than a dozen dungeon themes from dark fiery pits to foggy forests.



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