Transformers Universe team hit with layoffs

By Jeffrey Davis
transformers universe team hit with layoffs

Looks like more streamlining - or rather, a bunch of layoffs - for the team behind the free-to-play Transformers Universe browser MMO over at Jagex. That's despite the recent news that a final release date has been officially scheduled for this coming fall season. Even so, that official announcement is in no danger of being scaled back. Jagex has also directly confirmed the downsizing to Eurogamer, stating as follows:

"Having reviewed the remaining work required for the upcoming Transformers Universe launch we have made the decision to scale the development team back slightly. We have always been committed to developing the highest quality games and services and are confident that this reduction will not adversely impact the game. The vast majority of the Transformers studio will be unaffected by this move."

That much being said, the pressure has been on for Jagex to deliver on the project of late. The game has already seen a big shift in engine tech, moving away from in-house middleware to something more widely available. The development process hasn't been exactly a smooth ride, either, as this is yet another round of team shifts for the Hasbro-licensed game. The game even missed its prior ship date target back in 2012. Even so, the latest round of layoffs - 13 in total - are primarily set around that big technological shift more than anything else.

The MMO Play team hereby sends out its best wishes to everyone who is personally affected by these layoffs. As for the game itself, we'll have more coverage thereof as we get closer to launch, so keep it locked in right here.



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