Transformers Universe launching this Fall

By Michael Jamias
transformers universe release fall 2013

Over the weekend robot fanatic cheered at the news of Transformers Universe releasing in Fall.

The reveal came during a Transformers panel talk during Botcon 2013 discussing the new products coming out for the Transformers entertainment franchise. UK-based developer Jagex has teased before that their free to play browser mecha battle MMORPG will be releasing in 2013. This bit of information helps narrow down the launch period to September, October or November later this year.

Transformers Universe is being hyped as a massive online faction war where players get to choose to side with the defenders (aka Autobots) or destroyers (aka Decepticons) of the universe. It is also one of the biggest releases for Jagex alongside Runescape 3.

Not sure which side to join? Maybe this allegiance video will help:

MMORPG fans will be able to recruit and command their own Transformers army, some of which are brand-new to the series and made especially for the game, each with powerful combat skills. Players will enjoy forming their dream Transformers squad that will decimate their opponents, human-controlled or otherwise.

Transformers Online is now accepting applications on their official website for a chance at joining the closed beta test.



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