Tales Runner dashes to open beta March 20

By Michael Jamias
tales runner open beta march 20

Mark the date, all you rabid foot racing fans. OGPlanet has set the Tales Runner NA open beta on March 20, and you can park a slot already by signing up as a test driver.

Tales Runner is described as "fun-filled, social racing game" with an 8-man PvP mode and PvE rpg elements. It's the kind of MMO that tries to do everything at once -- it even has pet racing, mini-games and social lobbies.

There's a real risk though that more serious racers may not warm up to Tales Runner tracks, which are inspired heavily by fairy tales like Jack & the Bean Stalk and Alice in Wonderland. Tales Runner is already up and running in many other countries and regions, but is breaking into the NA market with this upcoming open beta.

Needless to say, a lot is riding in the next few months to decide whether Tales Runner gets a solid following or fails to get the attention of players. MMO competition these days is tough as it is, but maybe there's still room for a light and breezy casual racing game. These types of games certainly bring a breath of fresh air for players who aren't too keen on the high-profile dark fantasy rpg games launching this year (We're looking at you, The Elder Scrolls Online)



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