SteelSeries unveil their new iOS wireless controller

By Tam Mageean
steelseries ios

The one big thing that a lot of gamers are expecting to see in 2014, is mmo gaming making its big advances on tablets and smartphones. With events like the recent partnership between Square-Enix and gloops, and this years' introduction of a bunch of tablet exclusive mmo games and mobas, such as the hugely anticipated Fates Forever and the iOS/Android port of Hearthstone, its pretty clear some big things are on the way to our handheld-powerhouses.

Typically, in the run-up to CES 2014, we don't see a lot of new tech appearing, but SteelSeries decided to break the mold with their new wireless controller. SteelSeries have a reputation for putting out high-quality, industry-standard gaming peripherals, with their keyboards being represented throughout eSports and touted proudly by the League of Legends, CounterStrike and StarCraft II champs of the likes of Team Na'Vi and Fnatic.

Their latest creation, the SteelSeries Stratus will place their pro-gaming tech into the hands of the newly-birthed tablet and smartphone mmo gamers of the future. With Bluetooth connectivity, pressure sensitive buttons, dual analogue sticks, a 10-hour battery life and a clever customizable grip, it's looking extremely promising for the Stratus controller. One thing's for sure; it's going to be considerably better than those tacky, "gadget-store" style, clip-on joysticks we've had to deal with on iOS up until now! They're set to be compatible on all iOS7, Bluetooth-enabled devices, and you can sync up to 4 together at any time.

No news on a release date for the Stratus yet, but hopefully we'll be able to test one out soon.



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