Starbound sells its first million

By Tam Mageean
starbound million

More good news for fans of their Steam Early Access mmo games: Starbound has sold its first million copies before even making it out of its beta phase. Much like the story of DayZ's success, Starbound has had some beta bugs and launch issues, but that's what the test-phases are all about, and a million sales speaks for itself; this game is already a huge success.

Many are already referring to Starbound as "Terraria 2" or "Terraria in Space" due to the 2D voxel-stylings and similarities, but the truth is; the 2 games are completely different beasts. Starbound, for those yet to play it, takes you on an interplanetary adventure, giving you a variety of differing environments, sidequests and mini-missions. The launcher is a little clunky, and has its mood-swings, but all in all, the game is coming together quite nicely, and is admittedly giving anticipators of the actual Terraria 2 a nice change of scenery while the 2D mmorpg develops.

It's becoming quite clear, when you look the the bestsellers on Steam, that gamers are more and more frequently looking towards the early access projects, in search of the best games, jumping on the titles well before they are ready.  Their support is working wonders for the developers though, giving them the support they need, and huge boosts in cash-flow, injecting early life into growing games.

With a million Starbound sales down before launch, one can only imagine how well it will do at launch.



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