Starbound blasts off

By Tam Mageean
starbound launch

Fans of their voxellated virtual worlds like Terraria and Minecraft can now opt for something a little more celestial. Two-dimensional RPG, Starbound launches its beta today after two years of development and testing.

In that time, five millions dollars worth of pre-orders have been purchased and many more are expected; due to its partnerships with Steam and Humble Bundle.

Starbound takes players through a whole universe of two dimensional planets (arguably two-and-a-half dimensional planets, as you can interact with the foreground and background) and across an infinite number of procedurally generated landscapes; where you can build, and chip away into your surroundings in an attempt to survive the treacherous and barren wastelands you find yourself in.

Although Terraria 2 is already on the drawing board, many are referring to Starbound as Terraria 2.0 as it has so many similarities, but boasts a huge amount of advancements, when compared to the mining, crafting original.

One of the big additions is the enormous, randomly generated dungeons, which almost act as a platform game within themselves, providing challenging sub-adventures to keep you engaged when your crafting is at a lull.

Even if it's just to keep your spelunking addictions tied over until the launch of Terraria 2, Starbound is definitely worth a look. The Universe is waiting!




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