Square Enix hints at a crossover title

By Tam Mageean
square enix destiny

Gloops have launched a teaser site that hints at a new Square Enix mmo in the making. The mysterious site gives very little away, other than the header "Square Enix x Gloops", indicating that the project will most likely be a crossover title, featuring characters and environments from both developers.

Gloops, for anyone who doesn't follow the Japanese mmo scene, is a producer of a huge variety of virtual worlds, browser based mmo games, mini-games for social networks and JRPG titles, including Warriors of Odin, Crystal Crusade and the Sengoku and Guild Battle franchises.

The website suggests that the title of the game or project will be "Destiny VIII", which ultimately asks more questions than it answers; since neither developer owns a game titled Destiny, nor do they have anything to do with Bungie's upcoming Destiny mmofps or the Destiny Online mmorpg.

The Japanese, Nintendo DS remake of Final Fantasy II was, however, subtitled "Goddess of Destiny", so with any luck, the new project could have something to do with the Final Fantasy franchise.

The artwork on the website also strongly suggests a Final Fantasy theme, with what appears to be a girl's silhouette on a celestial body, surrounded by claws and starbursts, in the typical, faded, monochromatic style that the Final Fantasy box art is known for.

The most likely outcome from a combination of these two companies would probably be a Final Fantasy themed browser mmo...could this possibly be the first glimpses at an online version of Final Fantasy VIII's trading card game, Triple Triad?

The last remaining scrap of info on the scarce website is a date: "1.8.2014".

So, for now, all we can do is wait until January 8th, as the site suggests, and hope that more will be revealed!

If you'd like to decipher the message yourself, you can view the teaser site here.



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