Square Enix launches the Square Enix Collective

By Tam Mageean
square enix collective

In a bold new move, Square Enix have launched the Square Enix Collective.

"Since we announced our plans back in October last year, we’ve been busy working on finalising the details, building the platform and finding some really cool teams to work."

The Square Enix Collective is set to be a KickStarter-style voting forum where the publishing leviathan teams up with selected, smaller developers to bring their dreams to reality.

Square Enix have partnered up with Indiegogo and three development squads for the pilot round. Each team has proposed a game they'd like to make, and the one with the most votes at the end of the 28 day trial will be put through, and supported in a Square Enix endorsed crowdfunding event. The first three devs are in the chamber already; Ruffian Games, Kitfox Games and Tuque Games.

Ruffian have put forward a Highland-themed action/strategy game called Game of Glens, Kitfox are pitching an idea for Moon Hunters; a space-aged, online, multiplayer rpg, and Tuque are putting forward World War Machine; a Mecha-oriented online rpg.

Square Enix, known best for their triple-A rpg games, such as Thief, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy 14, recently partnered with social mmo developer, gloops, meaning that a window into mobile and social gaming may also be in the pipeline.

Voting for the 3 hopefuls has already begun, with 28 days left before a victor is declared. Let us know who you'd like to win in the comments.



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