SOE is set to replace its mmo subscription platform

By Tam Mageean
soe subscription

Late last year, Wargaming announced a new subscription format for fans of their mmofps titles, which would allow them access to World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, and eventually, World of Warships, all under one, simple service plan.

Sony Online Entertainment recently indicated intent of making a similar scheme for their own players, as we mentioned in our article about the PlanetSide 2 subscription changes earlier this month. SOE President, John Smedley defended the subscription changes, stating it opened up the potential for a synchronized SOE subscription service.

Now, only 2 weeks later, it would appear the ball is in motion to create a new, all-access subscription system. The difference between SOE's and Wargaming's subscriptions however, is that SOE's service will be non-optional.

The all-access service, which is already in place, will become mandatory; combining the subscription plans of the likes of DC Universe Online, PlanetSide 2 and the EverQuest series. The new service will also include EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next Landmark when they are released.

All of SOE's games are, of course, free to play, so these changes only affect premium members, and will take place from around April 2nd.

As a bonus, PlanetSide 1 is going completely free-to-play, and even Vanguard: Saga of Heroes players will be able to get in on the action, until their mmorpg sunsets on July 31st.

The monthly all-access subscription service can be yours for $14.99 per month, from April.



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