Sony Online Entertainment launches the All Access Membership

By Tam Mageean
soe all access

Way back in January, Sony Online Entertainment revealed its intention to unify its subscription services, across all of its mmo games.

With the SOE All Access Membership, gamers will be able to enjoy all of SOE's subscription services, regardless of whether they bought it for DC Universe Online, PlanetSide 2, EverQuest or any their other spectacular titles. The new format will, of course, be made accessible for their upcoming mmo releases too, such as H1Z1 and EverQuest Next/ EverQuest Next Landmark.

H1Z1 Screenshot

The move to a single subscription format has seemingly few downsides; it'll now be $5 per month cheaper (and cheaper still, if you buy your months in bulk), transferable across almost all of SOE's games and come with a bunch of deals and discounts along the way. There are a few complications for some of the games, and in some regions, so be sure to check out the SOE All Access FAQ here, to make sure your personal gamer circumstances are seen to. If you have already purchased a lifetime membership for any of their games, for example, your all access subscription will be accounted for until your particular game has been sunsetted.

SOE Director of e-Commerce, Mark Tuttle explained the move today in the aptly titled "Why All Access is awesome" post, featured on all of their flagship websites.

"This valuable new program awards members with top level access to all participating SOE games. Members are no longer just a Planetside 2 member or a DCUO member. You are all now part of our extended family."

Are you looking forward to the new direction of SOE? Or, do you have some concerns? Let us know in the comments section below.



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