Skara opens up character development to fans

By Michael Jamias
skara character development fans

Indie developer 8 Bit Studio is drumming up support for its new Skara MOBA by involving fans directly in character development.

Skara fans will have the chance to design the rest of the characters of Skara's history mode through contests soon to be launched via its social networks and official website, 8 Bit Studio said in a release.

This comes after a successful trial run last E3 when the developer held a "Be the Main Character of Skara" contest.

E3 attendees had then taken their picture and posted on Skara's Facebook page. The photo that accumulated the most likes within a voting period would have their likeness used to create one of the characters in the action arena mmorpg. The lucky gamer turned out to be Diana Espinosa, whose features are now being used to develop a Skara hero.

8 Bit Studio said this is one of the things it is doing to set the game apart from all the other mmorpg games and MOBA rpg games coming out of the woodwork these days.

Aside from opening up the character development process to fans, developers are also keen on listening to their feedback on other game features.

Skara fans are encouraged to recommend ideas that could eventually make their way into the MOBA.

“Our goal above anything else is to create the dream game that any gamer would love to play. We started with a clear concept of how it will function, as a free to play MOBA,” says CEO and Creative Director Pablo Rodriguez, “and we want to see the rest take shape through interaction with people by sharing ideas.”



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