Silent Hunter Online torpedoes into open beta

By Michael Jamias
silent hunter online open beta

All hands on deck! The Silent Hunter Online open beta has begun enlisting capable submarine commanders.

Silent Hunter Online's been flying under the radar recently in terms of updates, but has now re-emerged with big news that beta testers can now get a crack at the World War II-set submarine simulation browser mmo.

In Silent Hunter Online, you can command a personal submarine fleet and participate in a re-enactment of the Battle of the Atlantic, which is considered one of the most drawn-out and epic military sea campaigns in World War II. Back then Germany's powerful Navy engaged in trans-Atlantic skirmishes, led by those fearsome U-boat submarines, against the combined British and North American vessels.

Players should get to re-live this critical naval conflict, either in solo play or mmo-scale fleet confrontations. During the open beta, fans should have access to the global, server-wide campaign as well as the multiplayer fleet standoffs.

Despite being a free to play mmo and not requiring any downloads to play, Silent Hunter boasts impressive 3D graphics, from the realism of the historically authentic ships to the dynamic weather and water effects. Players though will need to update their browsers to the latest Flash 11 technology to crank out the best visuals from the game.



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