Shining Force is becoming an MMORPG

By Tam Mageean
shining force mmorpg

We're all a sucker for some nostalgia. Back in the early 2000's, when news spread that the Megadrive RPG classic, Phantasy Star was getting an MMO makeover and becoming Phantasy Star Online, that gamerverse went wild, and a whole new aspect of the cult classic was born.

If you missed this Genesis Revival experience the first time round, you may have another chance, as excitement spreads, with news that a Shining Force MMORPG is in development. It's not official, nor is it licensed, as yet, but a bunch of retro fans have banded together to breath some life into the fantasy franchise.

Developer UnFun Games aren't going for a full 3D, all singing, all dancing re-hash like Sonic did with Phantasy Star, however, and will be staying more true to its 2D, turn-based origins; basing its artwork on the Game Boy Advance Version, Resurrection of the Dark Dragon.

Shining Force's MMORPG, titled Shining Force Online will be free-to-play, with multi-player or single-player adventures and will take over 20 characters from the franchise into an alternate universe, and will be played in your browser.

Matthew Bennion, the head honcho in creating the remix, has been skipping around the copyright infringements and dodging the pitfalls for a few years now, and hopes to be able to make a fan-made spiritual successor for the franchise that will do its cult following some justice.

Shining Force Online is slated for a Public Beta launch on November 28th.



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