School of Dragons launches on iPad

By Tam Mageean
school of dragons ipad

If you watch the animated movie, How to Train Your Dragon and thought, "I could do better than that!", well, now's your chance! School of Dragons is the combined efforts of JumpStart and Dreamworks and brings the dragon-infested, Norse fantasy from the big screen, to the PC screen, and now, after a brief intermission, to the iPad screen.

School of Dragons has already kicked up a stir in its Facebook and browser mmo iterations, but now its aiming for the big-time as a fully fledged, downloadable game.

Much like in the movie, in the mmorpg, you're a young viking, coming of age, and you need to adopt and train a dragon to help you complete quests and seek adventure with your new pal.

A movie sequel; How to Train Your Dragon 2, is set to hit cinemas in 2014, and will take place 5 years after the original movie. With promises of tie-ins, the mmo may even provide some connective tissue and bonus content, for fans of the movie franchise, and Dreamworks have shown interested in bringing the two together.

Gamer-parents out there will be pleased to hear that School of Dragons has a strong educational element; teaching the player everything they need to know on dragon-raising through the power of the sciences, and is even based around the Next Generation Science Standards curriculum, which is currently filtering into the American education system.

School of Dragons: iTunes Edition is available now via the Apple app store.



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