Runemaster - a new, Norse RPG announced

By Tam Mageean
runemaster announced

"From Chaos rises a Norse legend!"

Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio; creators of historical, strategy mmo Europa Universalis IV and global domination game, Crusader Kings, have announced a new mmorpg, titled Runemaster.

Described as "An epic RPG forged in the realm of magic and mystery", Runemaster's announcement is one of many Norse themed titles that's currently in development, but one thing's for sure; with Paradox behind the wheel, it'll be one for fans of historical tribute and accuracy. Paradox Interactive's current flagships have been famed for paying respect to their historic inspirations, and they'll be doing their best to honor fans of Norse mythology, and all things runic.

The "six worlds of nose myth" and the catastrophic and fabled Ragnarok, "where you decide the fate of the world" have already been tipped as features, hinting that the likes of Midgard and the Tree of Yggdrasil will be making an appearance, and that you may play a part in the destruction, of the defense, of the gods.

So far, all that's been seen and confirmed is sweeping mountains and forests, adorned with settlements, all strikingly beautiful and snow-capped. The realms are set to be procedurally generated, along with the quests; providing a unique experience for every budding Viking that enters.

Little else has been revealed yet about the turn-based rpg, so stay tuned to mmo-play, as more is revealed.



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