Quantum Rush hits Alpha landmark

By Tam Mageean
quantum rush alpha

Reviving a game genre isn't an easy thing. Since the mid 1990's; when titles like Wipeout and F-Zero X ruled the roost, there hasn't really been a futuristic, anti-gravity battle-racer that has truly taken off. Wipeout and F-Zero X, for all intents and purposes, were perfect; combining both a demanding skill-level and enjoyable, rewarding gameplay. Although both of these games were huge successes, nothing ever came along to fill their shoes. As games have advanced, nobody has worked out how to bring these futuristic shooters forwards (or...backwards?) into the 21st century.

GameArt Studio believe they have the answer, and hope to take the classic battle-racer setup, and tie it up with elements from the competitive MMO community, to create a next-generation adaptation of an old, gaming classic.

"You'll be competing online against thousand of other players for the glory of poll position"

Quantum Rush appears to be a cross between an online racer and an MMOFPS; where the racetrack is your arena. A host of racer and weapon customizations await you, and can be unleashed in a variety of gleaming, futuristic settings.

Quantum Rush alpha screenshot

After an unfortunately unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign, the gang at GameArt returned to the studio, undeterred, and have came back to proudly announce that a Quantum Rush alpha has launched. Earlier in the month, Quantum Rush experimented with a live online racing event, and the developers have since perfected some of the social tools; such as racer trading, matchmaking and friends listing. They are now alpha-testing the new systems as hard as possible, with an eye, already, on the beta launch.

They are currently working on graphics and sound enhancements, along with a patch update launcher in preparation, and it sounds like the closed beta is well under way.

If you'd like to keep an eye on their development process, be sure to visit quantum-rush.net and check out their blog.



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